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Restrictions and requirements
This applies to all customers including parties, packages, arm bands and walkins.
We want everyone to have fun, but no one person’s attempt at fun should create a dangerous or negative experience for any other  person or group in visiting us. Please respect our rules and  enjoy your time at Speedy’s Fast Track.

If you fail to follow our rules or instructions issued by the staff, or

if you are removed from the track, there will be No Refunds in this case.

All rules are strictly enforced.

A minimum height of 54 inches is required for drivers.

You must be at least 15 years old to drive the Super Karts.

A maximum weight of 450 lbs. to ride on the track.

You must have a valid drivers license to drive the F1 Karts.

When in the pit area, participants must comply with all safety briefing instructions

and obey all verbal and signaled commands.

When in a kart your seatbelt must be fastened at all times.

You must keep both hands on the steering wheel and both feet inside the kart at all

times. Individuals wearing a cast, wrap, protective device, or sling will not be

permitted to drive or ride the karts.

Appropriate footwear must be worn: No high heels, flip flops or open toe shoes. No


No loose articles or items of clothing. All scarfs and/or long necklaces must be


Long hair must be tied up and tucked in.

No intoxicated person(s) shall be allowed to participate in karting.

Never stop on the track unless directed to by Speedy’s Fast Track safety personal.

Kart racing poses a threat to those with back or neck injuries.

People with heart conditions should not use the karts.

Pregnant woman should not use the karts.

Speedy’s Fast Track will not tolerate any bumping or wreckless driving.

This is a FAMILY entertainment center, no obscene language will be tolerated.


There is no cell phone use of any kind while riding or driving in the karts or while

in the laser tag arena

Remain seated in your karts until directed by attendent to exit the ride.

Individuals wearing a cast, wrap, protective device, or sling will not be

permitted to drive or ride the karts or play laser tag.

You must be at least 18 or older to drive the 2 seater super kart

Passenger must be at least 36” tall to ride in a Go-Kart or a two seat kart..